Junior Face Mask

Junior Face Mask


Our Junior face masks for smaller faces help reduce the spread of saliva and other secretions, lowering the risk that the wearer, if infected, will transmit a virus to other people. The water repellent shell also protects the wearer from other people's secretions better than soft cotton masks.


Made from solution-dyed polyester, our reusable face masks can be machine-washed and dried, or cleaned with disinfecting cleaners without compromising their ability to repel liquids, aerosols and sprays.


A soft interior liner provides lighweight, comfortable protection. The wearer can label their mask with their name or other identification. 


Colors of fabric and rope will vary and cannot be guaranteed. Material shortages make it impossible to honor mask color requests.


DISCLAIMER: These hand-crafted face masks do not claim to prevent the spread of disease alone. They are created to help contain the wearer's germs, or to cover and preserve the remaining scare supply of medically approved masks (N95). This is not intended to be medical advice or guidelines. Please refer to the CDC and WHO for up to date information.

  • Return Policy

    Due to safety concerns, we cannot accept returns of face masks.

  • Fulfillment Time

    Due to high demand, standard orders of face masks may take up to 5 business days to ship. You will receive the tracking number once your order has shipped.

  • Care and Cleaning Instructions

    • Wash before initial wear and after each use.
    • Machine wash with HOT water (160°F).
    • Place your mask in a pillowcase or laundry bag to prevent straps from tangling in the machine.
    • Machine dry on medium or high heat.
    • We recommend tying the rope behind the barrel lock to prevent it from slipping out.
  • General Guidelines For Using a Face Mask

    • Wash your hands before wearing and after removing mask.
    • Pick up masks by ties only. Avoid touching the mask.
    • Remove mask if soiled or damp.
    • Always follow social distancing and good hygiene practices.
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